I’ve had a pretty bad cola addiction for most of my life. I’d drink at least one a day minimum and know I have to cut it out as diabetes runs in my family. After one session I was able to go a full week without drinking any (which is unheard of for me). I would recommend Columbus Therapy and Hypnosis to anyone who’s looking to kick an addiction.

Jason P

100% would recommend. she has helped me with my pain, was very helpful and soothing.

Sandra C Testimonial for Columbus Therapy and Hypnosis
Sandra CBusiness Owner

Yvonne is a skilled professional! I lost an item and needed her services to help locate it. I definitely recommend Columbus Hypnosis Center.

Felice H

Yvonne is obviously a very experienced and skilled therapist. I have had a great experience with her and her practice!

Alyssa M

I worked with Mahkayla and she has helped me be less anxious and nervous, especially
while driving. She made me very comfortable, and is so sweet! I will definitely be going back

Natalie R

Yvonne Judge is so skilled and competent and appreciated learning I used smoking to relax – check out and the reason exercising didn’t replace my need because it had the opposite effect.
A smoker (again) after a cold-turkey stop nearly 20 years ago and started again 5 years ago during an awful period in my life. I found I liked smoking too much or perhaps having frequent “time outs” in my day and didn’t want to part ways. Fact was I couldn’t ever afford smoking W today’s prices and was getting harder for me to find money to buy them, the impact on my health sometimes too noticeable, the too early for my age wrinkles under my eyes, I knew came from smoking and Worst of All, Feelings of Powerlessness to …cigarettes?!

Tried every alternative: patches, gum, exercise etc and nothing helped.

I researched hypnosis vs hypnotherapy and based on positive reviews of Yvonne, I gave it A try.
***understand, before we began, I wanted so badly to run out and have one “last” one…ummm, that didn’t happen and felt antsy but as we started I felt relaxed and the fidgetiness gone…went to 2/3 appointments and around 3+months felt the want creeping in but realized “no way- I actually don’t want it”.
I recommend completing all 3 sessions as prescribed and I’m now going to finish.
I again feel empowered and strong!

Dina J. Testimonial for Columbus Therapy and Hypnosis
Dina J.Secretary

I recently started seeing Yvonne Judge for hypnosis.  She is professional and immediately put me at ease.  She has a calming voice and presence that allowed me to relax and undergo hypnosis.  I have learned relaxation techniques to help relieve stress in my life.  I am happy that I have taken this step with her.

Jody J Testimonial for Columbus Therapy and Hypnosis
Jody J.Manager

I suffered from a few issues that I knew needed to be adjusted and hearing about hypnotherapy, decided to give it a try. Yvonne Judge was my therapist and while we only worked for a few months, I felt an overwhelming need to complete a novel, and improve my writing skills (and still do). She also assisted me in accepting other personal aspects, that has relieved my stress levels. I am glad I gave it a try.

Tony P Testimonial for Columbus Therapy and Hypnosis
Tony PAdministrative

Yvonne is wonderful! She quickly put me at ease. The process was fascinating. I was skeptical in the beginning, but my hypnosis session has provided me with tools to help me feel peaceful, calm and in control in stressful situations.

Leslie P testimonial for Columbus Therapy and Hypnosis
Leslie KLandscape Architect

I have severe depression and anxiety, and Yvonne was able to help me figure out how to turn them down and how to put myself in a calm place. if you need help, or even just someone to talk you into your own mind, then she is the best!!

Mahkayla B testimonal for Columbus Therapy and Hypnosis
Mahkayla BLawyer